Taking over facewear fashion across the world, one legend at a time, The Mask Life is a bold, fashion-forward brand with a dream-big attitude.

Here at The Mask Life, we believe in challenging the social norms. At The Mask Life, we believe every person deserves the opportunity to protect them selves and others, but also spread the message of raising awareness of proper hygiene standards in our new world. 

We believe people should be able to live their normal lives whilst knowing that it is in your hands to decrease the chances of spreading any germs that may be lurking. We believe people should also take comfort in knowing that others are also taking the same precautions that you are and doing their small part. 

We believe that by adhering to personal hygiene protocols, you are taking a stance against infectious spreads and that you truly care for not only yours, but others health. 

As a society, its in our hands...


At The Mask Life, we ensure our products are manufactured to the highest quality of standards, that they are comfortable, that they are breathable and that they look great, no matter your outfit.

Our Masks are for NON - Medical use and are not registered as N95, P1 or P2.

They are an alternative for day to day personal hygiene purposes to help bring awareness and to think more of others.

The Mask Life is a movement in personal hygiene fashion. We are proudly 100% Australian owned with all products designed in Australia.  

Be Brave - Be Bold - Be Kind to one another - Live life The Mask Life way..